7shifts Integrates with Mobilebytes POS

7shifts Integrates with Mobilebytes POS
Dew Smith

By Dew Smith

We’re happy to announce that 7shifts now integrates with Mobilebytes POS, which will allow Mobilebytes users to schedule more accurately to stay on budget and within your labor target percentage. Are you ready to unlock the power of your Mobilebytes POS with 7shifts? ?

  • Save 4 hours per week on scheduling
  • Save over $2,000 a month on labor
  • Reduce employee no-shows by 25%
  • Save $500/week on time-theft

What does the Mobilebytes + 7shifts integration offer restaurants?

The Mobilebytes + 7shifts integration will offer restaurateurs new functionality to keep labor costs under control and simplify restaurant operations. This new integration will sync the sales data from your restaurant’s Mobilebytes POS system into 7shifts in real-time for display in the budget tool.

Sync sales data

Sync your sales data between MobileBytes and 7shifts to view your actual sales in real-time compared to projected sales when you’re on the go!

Sync labor data

Sync your Mobilebytes data with 7shifts to get accurate labor cost calculations and forecasts as you’re building your schedule. Building efficient schedules with labor cost calculations can save your restaurant $2,500 every month on labor.


Schedule enforcement

The Mobilebytes integration with Schedule Enforcement will help you eliminate un-budgeted labor hours by preventing unplanned or early clock-ins with your staff. Automatically cross-reference employee clock-ins with your schedule to prevent staff from clocking-in early. Keep your costs under control by avoiding time-theft, “buddy punching” and other unbudgeted labor hours from adding up.

Think about it: if an employee making minimum wage regularly clocked in 15 minutes early, over the course of a year, that carries a potential extra labor cost of $435. Allowing only schedule-enforced clock ins will eliminate this extra, unexpected cost.

Tying together our POS and scheduling platform has been a great benefit to our business. Being able to create more accurate schedules based on our sales data will allow us to reduce costs while maintaining the same level of exceptional service we are known for.
— Robyn Chatlain, gud eats inc.

Now that we've integrated our POS system with 7Shifts, we're getting even more out of it—managing and controlling our labor costs has never been easier.
— Matthew Wendland, Burien Press

How to integrate Mobilebytes and 7shifts

7shifts communicates with your Mobilebytes point of sale via an API key. To obtain this key, you will need to reach out to your Mobilebytes rep for help setting up.

Once you have this key, you can head into your 7shifts account and navigate to Company Settings > Add-ons > Third Party > Mobilebytes, select your Location and input that API key.

Voila! Your POS data will now sync into your 7shifts account and help guide efficient scheduling.

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Dew Smith
Dew Smith

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