Bypass POS Partners with 7shifts to Increase Flexibility and Controls in Restaurant Management

Bypass POS Partners with 7shifts to Increase Flexibility and Controls in Restaurant Management
Chris de Jong

By Chris de Jong

Bypass POS solution kicks off its deep partnership with 7shifts employee scheduling and management app with Yogurtland rollout to better equip restaurateurs and their staff.

Bypass POS and 7shifts today announced that they are teaming up to provide greater controls to restaurant managers while offering flexibility to operators. The partnership will begin at multiple Yogurtland locations with planned deployment at Yogurtland stores across the United States, and as an offering to multi-location restaurants.

"We're excited to offer our franchisees and operators the industry-leading restaurant management platform provided by Bypass POS and 7shifts.” said John Carlson, VP Marketing, Development & Operations at Yogurtland. “By providing a unified point of sale and scheduling solution, we are empowering our operators to make proactive labor management decisions to boost profitability while continuing to provide a great guest service experience."

Bypass POS Integration with 7shifts

Bypass POS, an enterprise point-of-sale (POS) solution used at hundreds of locations in sports, entertainment and the restaurant industry across over 18,000 terminals, will seamlessly integrate with 7shifts, an employee scheduling software that helps managers and operators reduce wasted time and streamline communication.

“With our new relationship with Yogurtland, we sought out a partner for labor and scheduling, but wanted to go beyond a simple data integration,” said Geoff Johnson, Chief Innovation Officer & Vice President of Product for Bypass. “7shifts not only satisfied the needs of the customer, but we’ve now crafted a powerful partnership that offers the market a truly integrated solution.”

Johnson added, “With our partnership approach, we’re looking to closely partner with best-in-class organizations that complement our core product rather than lock people into a one-size-fits-most solution.” With the integration, when an operator clocks into a Bypass terminal, it opens up the 7shifts application with its full capabilities instead of passing data over from one application to another. The integration gives the operator full freedom and the manager tight control over variable factors like grace period and break times.

Jordan Boesch, CEO of 7shifts said, "We are excited to partner with the team at Bypass Mobile to help bring a holistic scheduling and labor management solution to enterprise-level restaurants. We believe that restaurateurs of all types win when they have access to powerful, integrated tools which address their individual operators' labor needs. Our team is proud that our shared missions of accelerating restaurant efficiency have brought us together to create a best of breed solution."

This new integration between Bypass POS and 7shifts provides restaurateurs a real-time sync of sales and labor data, as well as punch enforcement to help cut down on unplanned labor costs.

Learn more about this integration, and how it can help your restaurant here.

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Chris de Jong
Chris de Jong

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