Custom station naming is here

Custom station naming is here
Chris de Jong

By Chris de Jong

One of the great features of 7shifts is the ability to assign specific roles or shifts to different 'stations' (AKA sections) within your restaurant.

For example, you can assign Employee A to the Bartender Role, Station 1. Employee B can then be assigned to the Bartender Role, Station 2.

Previously these stations were simply numbered. This works, but it meant that those who were creating the schedule had to create and share a legend so staff knew which station meant which part of the restaurant.

Starting today you can now create custom names for the 'stations' you assign staff to. So instead of assigning staff to 'station 1' you can assign them to 'back patio' or any other station/section term your restaurant uses.

To access stations, login to your 7shifts account, tap the 7shifts logo in the top-right, selection Locations > Departments > Roles, and tap the Roles tab. Once you're in the roles screen, you can either create a new role and associated named station, or you can tap edit next to an existing role and assign a station and give it a name.

Here is how you can create custom stations for new roles:


And here is how you can edit existing roles to add custom stations:


Have a question? Reach out to or check out our knowledge base article on stations here.

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Chris de Jong
Chris de Jong

Hi! I'm Chris. I'm the Director of Marketing at 7shifts. I work with our talented team to help restaurateurs save time and money on scheduling.