Client of the Month: Tangerine Food Bar

Client of the Month: Tangerine Food Bar
Andrée Carpentier

By Andrée Carpentier

Tangerine Food Bar is one of my favourite lunch spots in Regina, and given the long line-ups there lately, I’m not the only one. That’s what happens when you serve delicious and fresh homemade food in a well-designed space.

Aimee Schulhauser, Tangerine Food Bar's owner, opened this gem in 2010 and we’re happy to be featuring them as our Client of the Month.

Tangerine Food Bar: How it All Started

“After having run a catering business for 5 years, some of my clients started to knock on our door, getting a sandwich or a salad to go. It felt so natural to proceed with this next step – to open Tangerine Food Bar over three years ago. I wanted to create something special. I like to think of Tangerine Food Bar as a culinary playground where we are trying to provide the best possible foodie experience for everyone that walks through our door. Genuine homemade cooking and baking full of locally sourced ingredients along with a little bit of magic does the job.”

My biggest challenge running a business

“It is difficult to sustain a consistent number of employees throughout the year. Demand changes drastically with different seasons and events.”

How 7shifts is helping

“Scheduling employees is tricky, especially with the higher turnaround of the service industry. 7shifts is a great labor cost control and communication tool. It allows us to find replacements and react to unexpected changes with immediate updates to our employees.  With 7shifts, we’ve become much more streamlined in scheduling and can use our valuable time elsewhere.”

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Andrée Carpentier
Andrée Carpentier

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