Five Signs You Need to Update Your Enterprise Tech Stack with 7shifts and Qu POS

Five Signs You Need to Update Your Enterprise Tech Stack with 7shifts and Qu POS
7shifts Staff

By 7shifts Staff

For many restaurant owners, growth is the ultimate goal—beyond the second and third locations and into the 50s and 100s. If you're lucky enough to scale to that level, the day-in and day-out tasks change significantly. With that growth comes new challenges. Running one store is hard enough—let alone 100. Unless you can multiply yourself, the only way to run an enterprise-level restaurant operation is by leveraging your technology stack. With your point-of-sale system as the brain, choosing the right software to manage your inventory and team is essential. Here's just some of how the 7shifts team management platform along with Qu POS can help with smarter scheduling and a more efficiently run enterprise.

Your POS isn't working hard enough

The key to leveraging data in your restaurant lies within your point-of-sale system. By combining the power of both 7shifts and your POS together, you can pull data such as sales or labor hours and push them into team management software like 7shifts. Once they're talking to each other, you'll be able to get insights like when you need to add or remove shifts based on sales or make sure your schedule matches the time clock data. For your enterprise restaurant business, it's even better when that data is coming from cloud-based enterprise-level POS software such as QuPOS.

You wish you could be in every store at the same time

It's difficult enough to keep track of everything that's going on when you're running operations in just one restaurant. You can't be in every location at once—or can you? Not physically, at least. But the right tools can allow you to sync up all of your sales data, labor percentages, and employee engagement and view them from one place.

7shifts Operations Overview is the solution. By letting you see all of your locations in front of you. you'll be able to easily view and compare sales at your locations and identify any outliers. Is your busiest store falling behind? Is an underperforming store suddenly an overperforming one? When you have the ability to look at every store at once, you can make adjustments that prevent outliers from becoming larger problems for your business.

Labor budgets are impossible to keep in check

When you're running dozens of locations with a team in the triple digits, it's easy to lose track of the hours scheduled and your labor costs can balloon out of control. Use the Labor Budget Tool to set labor percentage targets across your business, and integrate your enterprise-level POS system with 7shifts' platform to push and pull data between them and know when you have too much staff or not enough at any given location in real time. 7shifts can also use historical data from your POS to determine your most optimal schedule based on sales projections.

Clean Juice has used 7shifts across all of their 75+ locations to help keep their labor costs in check.

“7shifts is definitely a tool that we used in order to decrease our labor percentages. When we're running through our profit and loss template and statement, and using that combined with what was actually “on the paper” in 7shifts, then it's a great tool to be able to have the discussion of how to decrease our labor cost. It's one of the tools that we use all the time.”

Your time clock just isn't smart enough

When you're overseeing handfuls of locations, it's hard to manage the nitty-gritty of everyday restaurant operations. One that easily gets lost in the shuffle is time clocking integrity. Are employees clocking in only when they're scheduled to? Are members of your team arriving early or staying late against the schedule and throwing off your labor calculations?

Employees are only able to clock in if they are scheduled for a shift, helping you avoid time theft.

A few minutes here and there may not seem like much. But when multiplied by hundreds of employees and dozens of shifts a day, lack of time clocking integrity can cost your enterprise business hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

In addition to time clocking integrity, 7shifts can check the time clock against your schedule and notify local or regional managers when an employee fails to punch in for their shift. Whether it's emails, SMS or push notifications to your phone, missing punch alerts can help keep your labor data accurate and ready for payroll time. Check out the 7shifts Time Clocking Software.

You can't keep up with local labor laws

With so many rules and regulations, it can be hard to keep track of, let alone make a schedule that complies with, local laws. For 7shifts restaurant partners in California, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., built-in compliance tools can help. When schedules are made, compliance is automatically taken into account. Make sure you're following laws like New York City's Fair Workweek or California's strict meal and rest breaks.

Check out other local labor laws:

With 7shifts' advanced compliance tools, you'll get alerts while scheduling to avoid regional labor compliance infractions, and view compliance fees within your dashboards and reports to get a true picture of your labor costs. Never again will you pay hefty fines or have to address costly lawsuits.

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